QRCV MX Round 1 Ballarat Final Instructions


14th August @ Monza Park : Ballarat



• SIGN IN 7.30 AM



• Please ensure you have read the Sup Regs and that your quad

and gear conforms with the 2013 GCR’S

• Please make sure your numbers are legible including your back

numbers. No back numbers No points

• Riders Briefing is compulsory






Code of Conduct.

We need to remind all about the Code of Conduct :_

All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of the Motorcycling Australia

By-Law – CODE OF CONDUCT (as stipulated in the GCR’s) that is a guide to

appropriate behavior at all motorcycle race meetings. This CODE OF CONDUCT

applies to this meeting and will be enforced.

“Noise curfew for the campers at all tracks. All Generators and Music (including LOUD Talking)

MUST be switched off by 10.30 pm. It is unacceptable for parents or Riders to continue to

Party loudly well into the early hours of the morning. We all enjoy the social aspect of going to

the races and camping. In doing so please respect the other competitors by keeping the noise

to a whisper after 10.30 pm. Failure to be respectful of others could result in the exclusion from

camping or possible exclusion from competing for the rest of the event.