Nathan Gruenholz, Author at Quad Riders Club of Victoria

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“Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy.” – Charlie Brown I should be happy.  The IndyCar season begins NOW after a six(!) month hiatus.  The field is stacked more than my 7th grade Home-Ec teacher (hers were artificial, BTW).  An American is the defending series champion.  The champion’s #1 car tradition returns.  Simona de Silvestro […]

The Winter Indy Tweetup is a get-together of IndyCar drivers and fans on Twitter in Indianapolis. The Tweetup is where fans not only place faces to the names of other fans they follow/tweet, but also a time to meet drivers as well.

Yes, I’m doing this again.  Tis the season of men posing as wordsmiths and lyrical casanovas, desperately trying to get into a lady’s den of slumber.  Sure, boxes of chocolate and flowers do indeed work…to a degree.  However displaying your affection for a kind lass in the form of verse is a time honored tradition […]

The epidemic of HERPing and DERPing seen this past Sunday has forced my hand. Such complete and utter incompetence laden with brilliant schadenfreude has to be commented on, even if IndyCar is currently on hiatus.

Onward with the Meast-Least Beta Test, build version 0.87a. This may or may not be a weekly feature during this beta test in the IndyCar off-season, so don’t get used to it until March. But DO get used to people either being awesome or being… well, less so.